Becoming a model for 

So you are interested in modelling for us, we have therefore put these pages together to provide you as much information as possible before you agree a shoot with us, so hopefully you are fully informed on what we expect from models – this way there should be no confusion on the day.

First off, having been around for over 18 years, we pride ourselves on working with the best models around to produce high quality, teasing images and videos that fit the requirements of our members and sites perfectly. We strive to maintain the best relationships with our models, and can provide many references if required. The chances are you may already know other models we shoot with, if you don’t and want some references talk to our booker for this.

But first, we feel we should try to talk you out of modelling for us, as the last thing we want is a model to shoot and then at some point in the future regret it and ask for the images to be removed, so…

  • If you are worried your parents, family, friends or boyfriend will see your images – you are probably not right for us.
  • If you think your images will only be seen in our members area and not get out to other sites – sorry but it may happen. Whilst we make every effort possible to stop theft of our content, it does and probably will happen. We try to get stolen content removed but its like pushing water uphill and a massive struggle, so if you are worried about being seen on the internet outside of our sites – you are probably not right for us.
  • Whilst we do not consider our work pornographic – some people may. If this bothers you – you are probably not right for us.
  • Whilst our work is very soft (mainly topless) we will work with any model that has “our look” and this does include models that work too much higher adult / pornographic levels. If you feel that by being published on our site and associated with adult models is something you don’t want then – you are probably not right for us. We do not care what other sites models work with (provided they are legal), if they have the look we want we will work with them.
  • We are a tease site, so the images do need to have a large element of tease in them. Have a look at these sample tease images here – if you are happy with all the poses that is perfect! If there is one or two you would rather not do, that is fine we can work around that, however, if you are not comfortable with most of these styles – you are probably not right for us.
  • One of our main ethos for the site is every set we do is either in stockings, tights or socks. Take a look at some sample outfit images here. If you are not comfortable being shot with stockings, tights or socks, or you don’t like the look of the outfits – we can agree to not shoot one or two outfit styles but not all of them, then you are probably not right for us.
  • Please do not model under your real name. If you are a new model use a false name. On the site we will only ever refer to you as the model name we agree.
  • If you model for other places under one model name, but want to use a different model name on our sites, then (a) we will probably do it – but wonder why you don’t want people that follow your career in one place to not know about your OAS work, and also please expect that (b) someone will almost certainly notice model A is same as model B and then post about it somewhere on the internet. Our view if you want to do this is you are trying to hide your work with OAS and doing it only for the money – so chances are – you are probably not right for us
  • If you are worried about your images appearing on social media – you are probably not right for us. We use Twitter, TikTok, Facebook and  Instagram for marketing purposes, so apart from our own marketing there is a high chance other fans or members may post your images on social.
  • We have affiliates (these are other sites that promote our sites in return for a commission), and this is standard within this industry. These affiliates may use a small selection of images from a gallery on their own site to promote our sites. And these sites will probably contain images from other sites, including much stronger pornographic sites. If this worries you then you are probably not right for us.

If you have got this far, then great, we presume you are still interested in trying to arrange a booking with us!

The next step, if not completed already, is to complete this booking form, and provide either some sample images (we really need un-retouched, mobile phone images), or links to sites you are already on.

Our booker will then discuss this with the shoot team and get back to you asap, usually within a couple of days.

We also have a list of lots of other FAQs here that may answer many of your questions about a shoot with us. If there is anything you still need to know, please email our booker and she will get back to you with the answer ASAP.