Some FAQs to answer common questions for new models 

We hope that this list of FAQ’s along with our sample images and info on the intro page answer all questions you may have about shooting with us at, but if there is something still not answered, please email our booker and she will get an answer back to you asap. 

Where do you shoot from?

Kent, UK. The nearest train station is either Eynsford (if arriving during working hours) or Swanley (if arriving in evening). These trains depart from London Victoria.

How far in advance do you normally book models?

Usually, we book up to 3 months in advance.

How many shoots a week do you book?

We shoot every day Monday – Friday. We normally shoot two models a day on a Monday, Tuesday and Friday and one model on a Wednesday and Thursday.

Do you shoot weekends?

No, we usually cannot shoot on a weekend, although this has happened occasionally, but usually just for long term models that have shot with us for a long time that can no longer do weekdays.

Do you shoot models with enhanced breasts?

We will be honest in saying we give preference to models with natural breasts, however, we will consider models with enhancements. Please complete our application form and include some images and information on your enhancements or other surgery for consideration.

Do you shoot models with tattoos?

We do shoot models with tattoos but preference will be given to models with limited or no tattoos. Please complete our application form and include some images and information on your tattoos for consideration.

Can I stay overnight at your studio?

Yes, we have many models staying overnight either before or after the shoot (or both). Our studio is a large house that has room for multiple models, so happy if you want to arrive the night before to ensure you are there on time. 

Can I bring someone with me on the shoot?

Yes, we are more than happy if you are accompanied to the shoot. All we ask is that the person does not interfere with the shoot and allows a smooth running of the shoot for the day.

Do I need to bring anything with me on the shoot?

Whilst we have a massive wardrobe of clothes, lingerie and shoes, we do ask models to bring with them a selection of underwear, shoes and a couple of their “killer outfits” – this just gives us more options on the day.

What time does the shoot start and end?

We ask models to be ready to start shooting at 9.30am with hair and makeup done. The call sheet states the day is from 9.30am – 4.30pm – but if we have completed our shoot schedule quicker then models are usually finished earlier than 4.30pm. We also supply lunch and breaks during the day.

Do you provide a make up artist?

No, we ask models to do their own hair and makeup in their own style – think of the type of makeup you may do for a special night out. We are looking to capture the models in their natural look rather than heavy, professional makeup.

Do you retouch images?

No, we do not retouch any images – we want to capture the models as naturally as possible. Plus with shooting so many images each day it is not practical to retouch images. If this concerns you and you only work with people that retouch images, then it’s best you don’t apply to shoot with us.

Can I bring my dog on the shoot?

Unfortunately, we are not insured for animals in the studio, and it would also delay the process of the day, so you are not able to bring your dog with you on the day.

Do you work with model agencies?

We work with a select few model agencies, plus many models we also book direct. If you are a new agency that does not currently work with us and feel that you have suitable glamour models, please contact our booker directly with more information.

When do I get paid for the shoot?

This depends if you were booked via an agency or directly with us. If direct, provided we have your ID (only needed to be provided on your first shoot), we usually pay by the end of the day of the shoot direct into your bank account (although we do say on our call sheet payment is made within three days – this allows for odd occasions when our accounts are unavailable to make payments) – but usually it is paid on the day.

If you were booked via an agency, we pay the agency invoice usually on the day we receive the invoice (again provided we have the models ID), but no later than 3 days after receiving the invoice. However, when the agency pays you is not under our control and would need to be discussed with your agent.

Do I need to provide ID on the shoot?

Yes, every model must provide 2 forms of ID, one of which must be photo ID such as driving licence or passport. We will take a picture of each ID alongside the face of the model. This is for our 18 U.S.C.2257 records. If you cannot provide this then we cannot shoot with you.

If on the day you arrive with only one form of ID we will probably complete the shoot – however, we will not pay for the shoot until the second form of ID is emailed to us – this would include not paying your agent until we have both forms of ID.

There is no flexibility on this – we must have ID or else we cannot complete the shoot.

Will I need to sign a model release?

Yes, every model will sign a model release for each day shoot with us. If you are not prepared to sign a model release you are not able to shoot with us. If you want to view a copy of the model release prior to confirming a booking, please contact our booker who can send you a copy of our standard model release.

Do you pay for travel?

No, we pay a good rate for a full days shoot, and included in the rate is travel. We can provide free overnight accommodation at the studio, and if you are travelling by train, either we will collect you from the station (if arriving during working hours), or if arriving in the evening the night before, we will pay a taxi fare from the station to the studio. Apart from that, we do not cover any other travel costs.

Can I be booked regularly for shoots?

As we shoot so many models, we cannot guarantee further shoots for any models, however, the most popular ones we will rebook, and find on average that about 60% of first time models get rebooked for a second shoot, and many of the most popular models do come back on a regular basis

What sites do you run?

We run the following sites: – our flagship site, now in its 18th year. The minimum level is lingerie, most work is topless. – all about opaque stockings and tights. The minimum level is lingerie, most work is topless. – all about models in secretary outfits with stockings and tights. The minimum level is lingerie, most work is topless. – all about the models in silk and satin. The minimum level is lingerie, most work is topless. – gym kits and other sports-related outfits. The minimum level is lingerie, most work is topless. – lots of different dress-up costumes. The minimum level is lingerie, most work is topless. – access all the above sites with one discounted membership. – all about models wearing stockings and tights together. The minimum level is lingerie, most work is topless. – an art nude site with all models in stockings. The minimum level is figure nude, and we only shoot models with natural boobs and minimal tattoos for this site, with no exceptions to this rule.

If you are interested in shooting for the sites and want to see in the member areas to get a full flavour of our sites, please email our booker and we can set you up with access to the member areas.

What about social media?

We run a twitter profile –, an Instagram account, a YouTube channel and a profile on OnlyFans at and would usually expect to put on one or all of these accounts an image or two and / or a promo video from the shoot during the day, and often ask models to also do a very short “hello” video for social media. If you did not want to be included in the social media marketing please let us know, however, also be aware this may stop us being able to shoot with you.

Can I take pictures for my own OnlyFans or similar sites?

We have put together a social media policy setting out what we expect from models in terms of taking pictures/videos on shoots for their own use. You can read it here – in summary, a couple of pictures are ok, but we do ask that you tag us in them when posting.