Shoot rules and guidance for OnlyTease and associated sites 

The following are a few pointers for what we must have in all our shoots and some mistakes third party photographers have made – please ensure you do NOT make these mistakes.

  • We NEVER shoot a set where the model takes off her leg wear, (stockings, tights or socks), if you make this mistake and the model takes them off we will NOT accept this set and either expect it to be reshot or not paid for. This is the most important rule.
  • We expect all the sets ordered for each set to be in different outfits and leg wear. So if we agreed on 6 sets then that means 6 sets of different clothing and different leg wear. We have had photographers shoot a set of photos then use the same outfit / leg wear to shoot a video and say this is 2 sets. It is not – we cannot have a photo and video of the same outfit / leg wear.

The first two above points are by far the most important. Other points to note:

  • Stockings (nylons) MUST always be worn right to the top of the thigh. NOT low around the mid thigh or even lower – must be to top of thigh.

  • If using a suspender belt the suspender straps should be worn under the panties – NOT over the panties.

  • If using seamed stockings ensure the seams at the back are straight

  • If using holdups make sure that the plastic / elastic tops of the holdups are not turned over and showing.

  • All sets should have the model in a variety of footwear (high heels, boots, flats – something appropriate for the outfit). And mix the sets up where the shoes stay on and shoes come off. If it is a set where the shoes come off, this only happens in the final third of the set.

  • Lots of tease shots are needed, see samples provided. So different angles, upskirt, panties just on show, position on all fours etc.

  • Move around the model – do not have the photographer in just one place, ensure that the photographer moves around for different angles.

  • For a set the first third at least is fully clothed, with teasing angles, then second third of the set is slowly teasing and flashing and stripping. Final third model starts to get topless or if nude then losing underwear, with the final 20 or so images showing topless / nude if applicable.

  • We NEVER do a set where the model takes off the stockings / tights or socks – these always remain on right until the end.

  • A happy smiling model is preferred to one that looks miserable!

  • The model looking at the camera is good, but a few more creative images where she is looking away from the camera is nice to see as well.

  • Never use the same pair of stockings / tights or socks more than once with the same model, so each set with one model must be in a different outfit / leg wear. Footwear ideally should be different but accept at times it maybe needed to reuse a pair of shoes, but not the same pair in all sets.

  • Accessories are great, especially glasses. Not in every set, unless the model needs glasses to see in which case it is fine.

  • Different hair styles, eg some with hair up, some down, plaits etc is good to mix up the hair style a little.

  • We ask models to do their own makeup – in their own normal style. We want the models to look like they would going out, so no need for professional makeup. For makeup not too much, just something natural.

  • A mix of posing between standing, sitting and laying down – if applicable is needed.

  • G string panties are not that popular, thongs are ok, big full bottom panties are popular.

    Fishnet stockings or tights should NEVER be used

    For videos

  • Videos should ideally be around 7 to 8 minutes long, but a minimum of 5 minutes.

  • It’s all about the tease, the first 2 to 3 minutes fully clothed, then slowly stripping, don’t forget the model never takes of the leg wear.

    Also please ensure you have no music on in the background of the video. 

Some examples of sets our members have highlighted that they think have the good “tease” factor in them  – note if you need a login for the site to view these sets please email [email protected]

Please also ensure you have viewed our examples of good tease style images and also example images for outfit ideas

Below are examples of both good and bad images and clothing.

Good images

Bad style images

If you have any further questions please email [email protected]