Plans and policies for reopening the OT Studio

In light of the recent Covid19 Pandemic, the way we operate at the OT Studio will need to change to reflect a new way of working.
We have put in place the following plans, and we ask all staff, models and agents to assist us in enacting these policies, which are designed to keep both staff and models safe.


Changes we will be making in the studio


  • Initially for a 3 week period from reopening (planned for Mon 22 June 2020) we will only have 1 photographer shooting 1 model, with the stylist in attendance. The photographers will rotate every three weeks, until we feel it is safe to shoot two photographers and two models at the same time, which will be a date to be decided in the future.
  • We will only book models that can drive to the studio and are NOT using public transport. Please note if we book a model on the understanding they are driving to the studio and they then arrive by public transport for the shoot we reserve the right to not proceed with the shoot.
  • Staff and Models will be asked to bring their own lunch and make their own tea / coffee. We will provide milk / tea / coffee in the studio but no food.
  • We are looking to source face masks / hand sanitiser / gloves.
  • No models staying overnight initially for first 3 week period – to be reviewed each 3 week period.
  • All clothes worn by a model to be washed after each use.
  • Additional towels will be ordered and each model on arrival given a clean towel – which then gets washed at the end of each day – we will also have a supply of disposable paper towels available.
  • Model to change in the ‘waiting room’ set. The door to the garden can be opened and air allowed through.
  • No model to go up to the office level at all – this is for staff only.
  • Model to have the use of just one designated bathroom. And staff members also have their own individual designated bathroom.
  • Shoot outside as much as possible – weather permitting.
  • We ask that the model brings as much lingerie and clothing with them as possible.
  • We ask that models do not bring anyone with them on the shoot, or if they do the person accompanying with them can drop them at the studio but will not be able to stay in the studio during the day.
  • We will take the temperature of all staff and models both before the shoot and at the end of the shoot. This will be done with a forehead thermal thermometer.

If you have ANY symptoms, please do not attend the studio and let us know ASAP you will not be attending.